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Job Opportunities Now at Bluetronix Inc.

We are looking for smart, driven, and self-motivated people to join our expanding teams. We offer a casual working environment, lots of team work, and an amazing opportunity to work on next-generation communication protocols and networking technologies. We want talented people with experience in wireless networking, radios, DoD contracts, etc. Possible positions are described below.

Network Engineer

Bluetronix is seeking one or more motivated individuals with experience programming in C and C++, preferably in embedded environments. The right person will be a quick learner with a varied background and an ability to understand an existing code base. Some desirable additional skills include:

  • Experience in wireless communications.
  • An understanding of networking, the OSI model, and interactions between network layers.
  • Experience in algorithm development and optimization.
  • Windows application development experience, using C++ and/or C#.
  • Basic electrical engineering knowledge, including understanding of analog and digital circuits, radio wave propagation, etc.
  • Knowledge of various sensors, actuators, GPS, battery technologies, etc.
  • Product development experience, and/or experience taking an engineering prototype to product format.
  • Oral and written communication skills.

Software Engineers

  • Full life-cycle software development experience.
  • Various programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Tcl, Java; Various OS, including Linux and Windows.
  • Areas include network programming, artificial intelligence, embedded programming, simulation environments, system visualization.
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • BS required, advanced degree a plus.

Hardware Engineers

  • Embedded programming experience.
  • A definite plus is experience with wired or wireless communication, sensors, control systems, and/or GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • New design experience, MEMs experience, RF, prototype experience.
  • Product development experience, packaging, documentation, end-user support.
  • BS required, advanced degree a plus.

Network Simulation and Visualization Engineer

  • Looking for a person to test and analyze our revolutionary, patent-pending wireless communication algorithms. This person will prove and improve our product with:
    • Maintenance and execution of simulations, and our protocol's functional testing framework.
    • Developing analysis tools.
    • A broad knowledge of network (especially routing) protocols such as BGP.
    • Experience with complex, dynamic systems.
    • An understanding of distributed systems.
    • A good understanding of networks including their testing, problems, and interactions--for example, congestion control.
    • Network programming skills.
    • An understanding of the scientific method.
    • An understanding of data visualization, simulations, and modeling.
    • Experience with one or more network simulation environments, such as QualNet, OPNET, or ns-2.

Business Development

  • DoD and Gov. R&D contracts and commercial partnerships.
  • Experienced professionals only.

Technical Proposal Writers


  • Be able to fabricate brassboards and breadboards from engineering drawings. Must be self-directed.

Both full-time and part-time positions are available now! Send resume and qualifications including work experience and results to: *Must be USA Citizen.



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