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So, what is the killer application? It’s your application…… that lets you create your own without having to know all the complexities of the network & underlying operations. It just needs to simply work; be reliable, efficient and simple. No coding, no set-up, no access points or any IP addresses required. Simply write instructions on how you want the system to behave and the commands for the nodes one time only for the network as if you were inputting commands or instructions in like a simple spreadsheet. In other words, as soon as nodes are turned-on, they are ready to go; self set-up and all nodes self-configure totally within seconds and begin to relay data to collection sources. Please email or fill out the simple form below to be emailed for your killer application at no charge assessment from Bluetronix........

Bluetronix Inc. is ready to analyze your application and send you back the killer solution at no charge. Bluetronix may even embed its swarm technology/products or modules in your customized application. Please use the email link or form below, and we will reply to you shortly.

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