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Bluetronix, Inc.
PO Box 23054
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

About Bluetronix Inc.

Now available The Internet Of Things With Swarm Intelligence

Mission Statement
Bluetronix does research, development, innovation, and commercialization for Government Agencies, DoD, and high-growth commercial industries. Our areas of focus include: biologically inspired mobile communications, intelligent computing, optimization, MEMS, sensor networks, and internetworking. Through both hardware and software development and integration in tandem with novel approaches, we look to bring unique technologies to product formats to marketplace efficiently and economically.

Vision Statement
Bluetronix looks to develop intelligent computing, control technologies, wireless communications, and internetworking to new heights. Further development of genetic algorithms, evolutionary computing, swarm intelligence, AI, unique hardware designs, and superior integration will result in innovative new products for both the military and commercial world. Specific areas where these technologies and products will be in use include mobile communications, wireless sensor networking, autonomous controls, supply chain management, and more. Bluetronix sees much opportunity in how tiny computers will be controlled and wirelessly connected in the future after the way nature and organisms operate now.

Making tiny embedded computers/radios think, learn, route and wirelessly connect ubiquitously with real-time information is Bluetronix's vision.

Office Location and Facilities
Bluetronix is located on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio- well placed between Washington and Chicago. Bluetronix offices include a small laboratory, high-speed connectivity, and a parallel processing network.


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