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Bluetronix Swarm Demonstrations (Simulation and Emulation)

Simulation of Swarm Routing (with Learning)
Click the Macromedia Flash movie below to view a demonstration of Bluetronix's SwarmSim software running the Swarm Autonomous Routing Algorithm.

This simulation shows 100 nodes scattered over a 100 × 100 square km area. There is no prior knowledge by any the nodes of location or for that matter any information. Broadcast range is 30 km and a single sender and receiver is chosen. This option is chosen because it is easier to see the paths chosen for routing to a single destination. A white line illustrates a completed path between sender and receiver, and hence a delivered message. The blue lines represent broadcasts. Statistics are shown. The first demonstration is without learning with the swarm and performs real well. The second demonstration is with learning by calculating "bi-directional pheromones," and the results are even better! Proceed by simply clicking on the picture, which will open the demonstration in a new window. In order to exit, click the X in the upper right corner. Thank you for your interest in Bluetronix and swarm routing for mobile ad hoc networks.

Simulation of Swarm Routing (without Learning)
Click the Macromedia Flash movie below to view a demonstration of Bluetronix's SwarmSim software running a routing algorithm without the "learning" benefits of the Swarm Autonomous Routing Algorithm.

SwarmSim Demo Download
The SwarmSim Demo is a program designed to demonstrate the performance of Bluetronix's swarm autonomous routing algorithm. For information on SwarmSim, including a downloadable demo version, click here.

First Responders Flash Demo
First Responders must be able to communicate with one another regardless of the situation in order to make the best use of their energy and to maintain public safety. They need an instantaneous self-organizing network that will automatically establish a data network in the event of a disaster. The Swarm Network serves as their link to many nodes moving and not moving using communications equipment that rescuers are already carrying, making their job easier and their response faster. The Bluetronix Swarm Mobile Ad-hoc Network responds and builds an ad-hoc communication in less than one second!

As we show in this demonstration, each node in an ad-hoc network is the destination of some information packets while at the same time it can function as relay station for other packets to their final destination. This multi-hop support is the way Swarm ad-hoc networks function, making communication between nodes outside direct radio range of each other now possible in the event of a disaster or loss of communication with the network infrastructure. Therefore the system will work even if 90% of it is destroyed.

View the Flash Animated First Responders Demo

Emulation Demos

Bluetronix Live Demo [Click on the image to play]

Live Demo

(Note: It is important to go through the Readme file before downloading and running the demos by following the link "Readme File" below.)

[Readme File] [Console Based Visualizer Guide] [3-D Visulazier Guide] [Visualizer_User_Guide]

Console Matrix Based Demos [Click on the image to play]

Console Matrix Based Visualizer Demo

3D Demos [Click on the image to play]

3D Visualizer Demo


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